In the Spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright® Using a sleek column of Starphire Crystal, the artist pays homage to nature's building blocks and the tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright, with geometric patterns that resonate in harmony with the world of crystals. The vertical path created by these geometries confirms the upward movement of life's journey. By etching her abstractions on both sides of the column, these two-dimensional patterns take on a strikingly three-dimensional presence. At once it becomes sculpture moving with one's viewpoint. From one viewpoint, the front and back patterns fall into precise alignment reminding us of the interrelatedness of all things natural. Though colorless and subtle, Harmonics clearly demonstrates Susan Lockhart's artistic talents through her creation of such fantastic energy with a limited palette. Available with a glass base, or a lighted wood base that creates an inner glow to the rising geometries. Each award is signed by the artist, Susan Jacobs Lockhart, and a $10 contribution will be made to the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture on behalf of your purchase. A romance booklet about this award and your donation is included for your presentation.






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Item No.3000
1-5 $226
6-24 $214.70
25-99 $204
Dims. 12.50"H x 4"W
Etch Area(s) 2"H x 1.50"W
1.50"H x 3.75"W
Weight2.50 lb(s)